"But…what if you…have another attack. Please, I won’t take no for an answer." Anna replied.

"Anna…" Elsa trailed off, exhaling in defeat. "Fine- you can help…if Kristoff let’s you."

"Of course!" Anna smiled softly. "I mean um…thank you."




It started like any other day on the job, cold. Then again, cold was a relative term to the Bjorgman clan.

Kristoff had taken his two kids out on the ice, they weren’t the only ice harvesters out there, some of Kristoff’s old buddies still worked out on the ice. But Heidi and Joseff felt a…

Anna would admit, maybe it came with the fact she was a mother now. But she worried more often.

She would wake up when Kristoff and the kids would get ready. She knew how dangerous it was. If anything where to happen to…well any of them she would be upset.

She knew how competitive the kids could get on the ice. A few cuts a bruise nothing ever serious thank heavens.

So of course she was horrified when Gerda came running into the library.

"Princess Anna….there back…early"

Anna jumped up and quickly followed Gerda down the castle steps. She saw Kristoff carrying Joseff. Limp in his arms.

"What happened!" Anna demanded running up to them.

"Anna it was…an accident. Joseff fell in. His leg…" Kristoff replied slowly.

"Get him to his room now!" Anna replied sternly. "Gerda go fetch a medic."

Gerda nodded quickly and ran as fast as she could down the hall.

Anna followed after Kristoff as she carried her son to his room. “You where supposed to watch him…”

Anna quickly pulled a chair up and sat by her sons bed. “I never should have let you go out there…I’m so sorry.”

The first thing he felt was cold, his entire body was cold. He could feel his muscles shaking, trying to get him warm. The second thing he felt was a pain in his leg, enough pain to make him sit up.

His leg was crudely wrapped and the strips of linen were stained red. He felt a hand on his chest pushing him to lay back down, he turned to see the face of his mother. She was doing a very poor job of trying to smile, he thought.

He tried to speak, his voice shaking, chattering, and weak. "I- F-F-Fell in," He could hear the buzz of activity around him, he was disoriented and felt dizzy. "Mama, I’m s- s- so sorr- sorry."

"Shhh…Joseff it’s ok…" Anna gently kept her hand on his chest to keep him down. "Look the doctor is going to change your bandages ok? It might sting…"

She watched as her son shivered. “Do you want me to bring you some blankets? I can get you something warm to eat too?”

She watched as the doctor slowly removed the bandages and begin to clean the deep cut in Joseff’s leg.

"What where you two doing?" Anna asked turning her attention away from the wound.




Tiana has to compete with a younger woman ;)

this is precious 

Naveens are the best face characters. Period

"Oh! Tomorow is Easter…I wonder if we’ll have an egg hunt?"

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"But…what if you…have another attack. Please, I won’t take no for an answer." Anna replied.